Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 590 (Toronto) with Josh Goldberg (12-07)

My latest guest appearance on Sportsnet 590 The Fan radio in Toronto with host Josh Goldberg discussing all things Toronto Blue Jays.

A closer look at the future of Aaron Sanchez & Marcus Stroman, and why Russell Martin should still remain a fixture in the Toronto dugout heading into the transition year that will be 2019 Blue Jays baseball. #cognac

Ari Shapiro on TSN 1260 (Edmonton) – The Dave Jamieson Show (12-06)

My latest appearance (12-06) on TSN 1260 Radio (Edmonton) with host Davie Jamieson (@jamieson1260). We talked about the upcoming winter meetings and how the sport of baseball is facing an existential crises when it comes to fan treatment, quality of on-field product, and festering labor relations which could inevitably lead to another work stoppage. All of that and a series of Blue Jays rants that will please the purist and embolden the millennial.

Be sure to check out Dave’s excellent show on TSN radio (weekdays at noon) and be mindful that he once put out a raging barbecue fire with nothing more than an old dish towel and a steely glance.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Mira Laurence (12-05)

My latest guest appearance on Sportsnet 650 Vancouver (12-05) with brilliant host Mira Laurence (@laurence_mira).

We talked about finality and closure from the William Nylander saga; the fallout from his signing and why it didn’t happen sooner, how it affects Mike Babock’s decision-making/strategic lineup matches, and what it means to lose an important depth player like Josh Leivo while rationalizing his long-term value to the Vancouver Canucks during their vaunted rebuild.

2018 Toronto Blue Jays Player in Review: Russell Martin

2018 Toronto Blue Jays Player in Review: Russell Martin

Join podcast host Ari Shapiro as he takes a moment to reflect on the season that was for catcher Russell Martin and what fans should expect in the days ahead. Featuring article quotes from: Clayton Richer, Chris Henderson, Hayden Godfrey, and Steve Buffery.

Be sure to tune in regularly for new player reviews from the year that was, and check out the latest work from the writing crew over at Jays Journal (@JaysJournal).

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