Shapiro’s Daily Rant: John Tavares and Fan Tribalism

Saturday’s rant on the return of John Tavares to Nassau Coliseum on Thursday, February 28th, 2019; the first time since leaving the New York Islanders to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Prospects Live presents: Crashing The Pressbox – Episode 4

Prospects Live presents “Crashing The Pressbox – Episode 4”

Here’s my latest appearance on the critically-acclaimed baseball podcast “Crashing The Pressbox” with splendid host Jason Woodell (@Jasonatthegame). We discuss the Toronto Blue Jays and their talent base, our shared thoughts on podcasting philosophies, why the sport of baseball has reached an existential crisis for the ages, and a blistering rapid-fire round of questions that I inexplicably took half an hour to answer.

It’s been called a living library of minor league baseball and is regarded as one of the best resources for farm team enthusiasts and sabermetric purists. Featuring prospect lists, compelling podcasts, in-depth graph studies, progressive field reports, and comprehensive scouting portfolios – Prospects Live is an experience that simply cannot be missed.

Be sure to visit and check them out on social media (@ProspectsLive). It’s the best thing you’ll likely do this entire year.

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