A conversation with Don Landry

My conversation with freelance columnist and sportscaster Don Landry, whose decades of work as a highly recognizable radio host and play-by-play voice has made him a truly respected veteran broadcasting force across Canada.

We discussed his thoughts on the changing nature of sports journalism, what changed in his life that made him embark on a freelance career, if corporations are getting it wrong when it comes to assuming what radio listeners really want to hear, if it all just comes down to money and social media resiliency, what his poignant words of advice to young and old journalists would be when it comes to the industry grind, if the Toronto Argonauts can survive in this competitive sports market, his candid takes on the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors, and Blue Jays, if he still has any optimism behind breaking certain streaks of championship futility, and his absolutely legendary impressions of Don Cherry, Vic Rauter, and Jerry Howarth.

Be sure to follow Don (@donlandrymedia) on social media and visit his website (donlandry.com) to appreciate his sublime versatility as a stadium announcer, voice-over artist, interviewer, and master of ceremonies.

Mordecai Jones Chronicles – Episode 2 (UFC 230 Preview)

It’s all about a good match-up. And UFC 230’s got a few!

Join Mordecai Jones as he scratches his chin and ponders fights that can build anticipation and deliver the goods. The future has been looking brighter since Khabib took flight just a month ago…we’re spoiled with many great match-ups around the corner. Hear astounding UFC 230 predictions that you won’t see coming – perhaps not unlike like a Black Beast Bomb coming at an unsuspecting Daniel Cormier Saturday night?!

A conversation with Down Goes Brown

My conversation with hockey author and columnist Sean McIndoe, whose work with Grantland, Sportsnet, Vice Sports, and The Athletic under the “Down Goes Brown” pseudonym has captured the affections and loyalties of countless Toronto Maple Leafs fans across North America.

We talked about the genesis of Down Goes Brown, why Joe Bowen remains the quintessential voice of the blue and white, where he found his raconteur’s mojo, his candid take on the 2018-2019 edition of the team, if eternally suffering generational fans can still rely on 1967 as a plausible excuse for mediocrity, the parallels between the Maple Leafs and the Boston Red Sox, if the right minds are in control of the current front office, the daunting mathematics behind consistent playoff runs, and why he chose to write The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL book.

Be sure to follow Sean (@DownGoesBrown) on social media and enjoy his fine work at The Athletic (@TheAthleticNHL). Make it a priority today to pick up your copy of The Down Goes Brown History of The NHL at downgoesbrown.com.

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